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GIS Web manager
GIS WK manager


Environmental Segment

Distromel S.A. has used the latest technology to combine everything needed for integral urban space in a single platform.



- On-board electronics for weighing and RFID systems
- Handheld terminals for registrations, inspections and maintenance
- PDA for data monitoring, data recording and advanced data entry.
- Volumetric sensors for controlling container bin stuffing level.
- On-board Touch panel computers for advanced weighing systems.

DPC (Data Processing Center)

Distromel.net system has been designed to be extremely scalable and modular and also to have a high capacity for integration in other settings of your information systems (ICT).


Our software offers a customised system access for each user and multiple ways of accessing the system:

    GIS WK manager 5
Professional solution for urban area management


  GIS Web manager 5
"Light" solution for urban space management


Common Features


Common Features

Full management, Multi-host, Multi-client with customised profiles access way.
Multilanguage option.
Wide variety of reports and lists which can be exported to several formats.
Wide variety of queries which make system use easy.

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Access allowed by means of user validation which provides a protection level comparable to its desktop brother GIS WK Manager TM.
Report generation and lists showed on screen, which can be printed and exported to common use formats.
Display of different queries on cartographic map with street directory and satellite view.

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 GIS mobile 5  Powerful GIS desktop ... 
                                             ....in a mobile device

Common Features

Access allowed by means of user validation, which provides a protection level comparable to its desktop brother GIS WK Manager TM
On-screen help assistance which enables useful application use
Common user's profile for every application: GIS WK Manager TM, GIS Mobile TM y GIS Web Manager TM.
Automatic Upgrade with available latest version.

Two work modes:

Offline: device saves every generated data to be uploaded by means of  SyncroGIS TM technology. 
Online: device automatically uploads generated data in programmable intervals.
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