We are renewing our web page

Distromel is renewing its image by implementing a 2.0. web. In 2014, Distromel has also renewed its corporate image and the way to communicate with customers. Due to the success of our new products, we have also renewed our web page and have started a new blog.  

Our web will be updated to become an active portal for our present and future customers to have updated information on our company. 

New functions of our software, new products and items related to our company and to the sector of new technologies applied to our four pillars: Logistics, Industry, Agriculture and Livestock and Environment will be included in the blog.

1st Smart City Congress

Distromel attended the 1st Smart City Congress, which is a professional meeting point for the sector of Smart Cities in Spain. This Congress gave us the opportunity to know the latest innovations and social, technological, strategic, economic and legal aspects, apart from initiatives and projects for Smart Cities.

A wide variety of areas and issues were presented in the Congress by important speakers, who stand out for their experience, knowledge and communication ability.

The Congress was organised by Grupo Tecma Red and RECI and was institutionally supported by Madrid Emprende of the City Council of Madrid, Secretariat of State for Telecommunications (Ministry of Industry, Energy and Tourism), Directorate General of Innovation and Finance (Ministry of Economy and Finance), Directorate General of Architecture Housing and Land (Ministry of Public Works and Transport), Spanish Office for the Climate Change´(Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Environment) and CEAPAT-IMSERSO (Ministry of Health, Social Services and Equality).

This event was held on 24 and 25 March this year and was attended by José Antonio Teixeira Vitienes, Innovation Director of the City Council of Santander representing RECI; Pedro González Torroba, Director-General for trade and Economic Development of Madrid Emprende of the City Council of Madrid, and Inés Leal, Director of the Smart City Congress and Director of Editorial and Development of Grupo Tecma Red, who presented the initiative and its objectives.

Distromel published in the Congress communication book how new technologies applied to urban solid waste and street cleaning management optimise management processes. Our products such as weighing systems, systems of identification, location and Can Bus parameter collection, systems for the filling of containers, and all that together with our siGEUS platform provide full control obtaining indicators for decision-making.

Distromel bidirectional system

Distromel bidirectional system

Distromel stressed that all its products in the environmental field are bidirectional. This means that any modification to the siGEUS software made by the user such as route changes, activation or deactivation of operators, incident management, etc. is included in the products.

Gps location systems

Location systems designed and built by Distromel. 

All companies have the need to control its assets. From Distromel blog, we are proposing the aspects to be considered for installing GPS location systems and fleet control systems in our vehicles.

We are going to explain some characteristics that we consider essential when purchasing a system for obtaining reliable gps positioning registers; scalability and reliability of registers is of utmost importance as our decisions will be based on that data.

Installation of location systems in vehicles should be executed by skilled staff because we need to obtain continuous supply voltage, and supply voltage after the engine has started to know if the vehicle engine has started or not.

Bfc Lite´s location system

Bfc Lite´s location system

In this way, our software will provide information on stopping and driving with regard to the engine (operative or inoperative engine). Due to the additional data provided by the GPS, we will know when the vehicle has been with the engine started but at low speed, because it may happen that the vehicle is active but physically stopped. Staff installing the fleet control should obtain that voltage without altering the standard electrical installation of the vehicle.

  Together with the GPS position, we will receive additional data for that georeference such as date and time, number of satellites that will determine the quality of the GPS signal, direction, altitude, altitude orientation, length, length orientation, speed, sampling time regarding the previous position, minimum speed, maximum speed and average speed of that sampling time and minimum and maximum acceleration and deceleration. All these, together with some logs indicating the functioning state of our location system, position us as one of the manufacturers producing high-quality location systems.


Screen capture of the management application of siGEUS

Screen capture of the management application of siGEUS

For Sensorisation regarding the obtaining of digital signals of a machine, we should consider the extension capacity of the number of inputs and outputs that the Distromel location systems have. Currently, we consider that four inputs are enough to control the tasks developed by a vehicle, however it should also be considered that may be in the future we will need to extend the functionality of our locating device.  Knowing the tasks such as sweeping, water ejection, actuation of the third arm, suction, compaction, water charge and other tasks carried out by a vehicle can help us in optimisation and decision making as it is of utmost importance to know where the vehicle is and what it is doing.

As we know, when we need to determine the position, the receiver automatically locates at least four satellites of the network and based on that location, our position is triangulated. For more detailed information on the global position system, please refer to the following link.

Explanation on how a global position system works

Gps satellites

Gps satellites

We are briefly explaining how the global position system works. It is worth mentioning that the more covering satellites we have in our GPS, the higher accuracy of the position will be.  

To do that, Distromel installs a gps/gprs external antenna providing higher quality of the GPS signal and a wide coverage of data transmission. Mobile phone coverage is widely extended but it is essential to ensure appropriate location with the maximum accuracy allowed by the system. There is no point in having a 24-channel location system if the antenna that receives the satellite signal is internal and screened by the vehicle chassis.

Location systems need no maintenance. Having electronic protection devices against overvoltage offers a safe and easy to repair system.  In the event of wrong functioning of the data registered, our own technical service, which is all over Spain, will solve it.

Our company ensures full availability of data. Our technical staff is responsible for ensuring the availability of such data because of the strict process implemented for storing backup data. The customer may choose to have integration services with third-party Erps or software and copies of data, which allow having the data stored at the customer’s premises.

Access to data can be performed with an appropriate software. siGEUS Desktop or siGEUS Web are the two possibilities to access information that currently Distromel has. For remote work environments, siGEUS web is the solution; it is the same desk tool but with more extended power.

We recommend the software to be continuously developing. Our software will send alarms to our electronic mail when faults are produced, for example if a vehicle leaves the route established at a distance previously set. By importing the estates from the land register we will know when an agricultural vehicle is working inside the state or if it is leaving the state.

Having full guarantee in data availability does not mean that data need to be indiscriminately collected in order to obtain a perfect route, quite the opposite, the location system chosen must send information about the GPS positions of the route when required. Our geo-positioning systems record the GPS position through an algorithm, which works according to the vehicle speed, state of inputs, direction, distance from the previous position and GPS coverage.  Working with these values we have the minimum amount of data from the origin and represent the route on the mapping in the most precise way possible.

Scalability refers to the capacity to extend the use we are having. Our location systems are fully scalable allowing for entire availability to add the Can Bus reading functions and set optimization methods in driving, sensor tasks that are performed by the vehicle, enter additional information on driving through touch screens, add the possibility to include container identification systems and weighing systems, etc.

 To sum up, it is worth mentioning that from our experience and dealing with our customers, this is one of the features that any fleet control, location system or positioning system should have in order to assure easy enlargement.

Tics for urban service management.

Many times, we wonder how tics help in managing urban services, types of technology such as positioning or locating systems, container identification systems, weighing for implementing payment for generation, volumetric sensors for detecting the filling of the container and multiple hardware that can help us in Urban Service Management such as waste collection, road/street cleaning, gardening and many more. 

The answer for this questions can be found in a video report that Canal 9 of Valencia did many years ago. We are putting the video at your disposal and hope you like it.  

New recycling containers informing when they are full  from Distromel Channel on Vimeo.

Firstly, we should position our elements whether containers, waste bins, urban furniture or any other urban element, which should be geopositioned. To do that, we offer our application for smartphones and tablets, with GPS signal of the terminal and RFID identification of the element we can locate it together with additional data, which is used for having a complete and precise inventory.

Thereafter, we will carry out daily tasks. Those tasks whether collection, street cleaning, gardening tasks or any other task should be monitored and data obtained to check if those tasks have been performed as productively as possible. Productivity is understood as the task being performed in the best possible way and at the lowest cost.

To do that, our Touch Panel device with identification, weighing or both, is essential. In addition, it will help us dealing with the drawbacks such as holiday periods. To replace that staff, who know how the service should be performed, we make available for our customers a browser as an optional element for Touch Panel devices. That browser will guide us through the containers or incidences to be solved precisely and quickly without knowing the area we are.  

Thus, the main thing for these TICs to have optimum results is to analyse the results obtained with a software, like siGEUS. In this way, modifications to tasks made for optimization can be implemented. With our software and tools provided, the necessary analysis can be carried out for optimising our processes.

Data analysis of our waste collection systems.

Data analysis of our weighing, locating and driving and identification systems.

The wide experience in the urban services sector makes Distromel know the specific circumstances of both managing companies and competent public bodies.  This seniority has allowed us to develop systems regarding the existing problems at any time. Technology development has enabled us to be more accurate and reliable day by day and to obtain credible and exportable results to reach truthful conclusions.

Once these robust systems have been designed, we have concluded that our customer should have a new module in the software to carry out and interpret data obtained. This is the reason why we are launching the new module for data analysis for waste management systems.

Modulo de analisis de datos sigeus desktop

Módulo de análisis de datos sigeus web

An optimization point on waste collection and road/street cleaning can be reached thanks to the provision of data provided by electronic devices installed in the vehicles. CAN-Bus data is a clear example. This data standardization concerning driving, which was carried out some years ago and accepted by some vehicle manufacturers, allows companies having control systems to obtain data that in the past made the vehicle be fully sensorized to obtain such data.

This data is easily exportable to reports which are completely configurable by the customers and easily understandable thanks to the creation of diagrams and graphs, which allow comparing data from other months or even previous years. A solution provided by Distromel is the possibility to compare the application data regarding previous months or even years.

Totales mensuales

Consumption data, revolutions, sudden accelerations, idling (in hours and %), hours worked or CO2 emissions are some examples of data obtained. Data interpretation helps to know the improvement possibilities towards optimal, safe and efficient driving. In this way, we can obtain the above image box with regard to distance covered in one month, hours worked, litres consumed and other important information that allows us to check the vehicle production effectively.

This efficiency in driving provides environmental, economic and social benefits. The environmental benefits are: reduction in carbon emissions to the atmosphere and decrease in the consumption of fossil fuels. Reduction in fuel consumption also means cost saving. 

Estadisticas Can Bus


Lastly, controlling waste collection management leads to an increase in the service quality for citizens, because indicators can be identified and data on waste collection analysed.

Distromel customers will see how their Desktop software is updated, resulting in improvements that will allow obtaining data described in this article.

Therefore, we continue innovating so that our customers can have benefits in waste collection and road/street cleaning, two urban services generating high costs for municipal bodies.

Sistemas de pesaje en vehículos recolectores de residuos

El próximo año Distromel cumplirá 20 años desde la primera instalación de un sistema de pesaje para residuos en un vehículo recolector y la realidad, como es lógico, es que en nada se parecen  los resultados anteriores con los resultados de pesaje obtenidos en las últimas implantaciones. Durante este tiempo, la forma de obtener los datos ha cambiado, las electrónicas han evolucionado de forma considerable y la desviación en los pesajes se ha aminorado hasta ser prácticamente inapreciable ya que son agentes externos al sistema de pesaje los que imposibilitan la perfección en las tareas de maniobra como las inclemencias meteorológicas o la misma operativa automática de la recolección.

El éxito en las últimas implantaciones de Distromel otorga una fiabilidad asegurada a nuestros clientes. Éxitos nacionales e internacionales como son los sistemas de pesaje en elevador y en chasis que han sido instalados por técnicos de Distromel han demostrado en las implantaciones de 2015 y 2016 que disponemos de un nuevo sistema ágil y flexible según las necesidades del cliente.

Vehículo recolector de carga posterior con sistema de pesaje embarcado

Vehículo recolector de carga posterior con sistema de pesaje embarcado


Células de carga instaladas en camión de carga trasera Geesink

Células de carga instaladas en camión de carga trasera Geesink

Los sistemas de pesaje embarcados en vehículos recolectores de residuos permiten obtener datos de producción de cada contenedor, por municipios o áreas determinadas y de las distintas fracciones para analizar el porcentaje de reciclaje de cada una de ellas. Permiten realizar un seguimiento de los pesos de cada contenedor y a posteriori diseñar campañas en función de la fracción o de la zona o municipio con menor índice de reciclaje así como implantar el pago por generación que tanta aceptación entre la ciudadanía está teniendo.  Para ello, es necesaria la robustez del sistema y un servicio técnico experimentado capaz de solventar cualquier incidencia que pueda surgir ya que estos vehículos están expuestos a entornos muy agresivos y a jornadas largas de trabajo. 

Célula de carga instalada sobre chasis

Célula de carga instalada sobre chasis

Los equipos de pesaje Distromel pueden funcionar con diferentes herramientas diseñadas por Distromel formando un sistema completo para el control de la recogida como son electrónicas embarcadas con tecnología bidireccional Touch Panel, sistemas de identificación de contenedores (RFID), sistemas de localización GPS, inclinómetros para detectar la elevación, botoneras de introducción de incidencias o información o aplicaciones móviles para la gestión de los servicios. 

En la siguiente tabla se puede visualizar una tabla de los datos reales obtenidos de la web que los técnicos de Distromel usan diariamente para verificar el correcto funcionamiento y detectar posibles incidencias en los sistemas. Pertenecen a un vehículo recolector de fracción resto/RSU en una mancomunidad española. Se pueden visualizar las fechas, el peso del sistema pesaje embarcado en el recolector, el peso que el operario ha introducido como peso de vertedero y la desviación del pesaje.

Fecha Inicial Fecha Final Peso recolector Peso planta Desviación pesaje
13/08/2016 0:00:00 13/08/2016 23:59:59 16860 17540 4,03 %
14/08/2016 0:00:00 14/08/2016 23:59:59 0 0 0
15/08/2016 0:00:00 15/08/2016 23:59:59 16145 16400 1,58 %
16/08/2016 0:00:00 16/08/2016 23:59:59 19520 20000 2,46 %
17/08/2016 0:00:00 17/08/2016 23:59:59 13765 14000 1,71 %
18/08/2016 0:00:00 18/08/2016 23:59:59 14890 15740 5,71 %
19/08/2016 0:00:00 19/08/2016 23:59:59 13485 13500 0,11 %
20/08/2016 0:00:00 20/08/2016 23:59:59 15815 16540 4,58 %
21/08/2016 0:00:00 21/08/2016 23:59:59 0 0 0
22/08/2016 0:00:00 22/08/2016 23:59:59 17390 18440 6,04 %
23/08/2016 0:00:00 23/08/2016 23:59:59 19900 20860 4,82 %


Distromel dispone de equipos de pesaje para todo tipo de recolectores como son camiones de carga posterior, recolectores laterales, recolectores bilaterales (Easy) o camiones de carga superior (grúa). Según el tipo de recolector Distromel utiliza unas u otras células determinadas y para el caso de sistemas de pesaje en chasis Distromel también dispone de diferentes opciones según los ejes y la longitud del vehículo.

Además una de las últimas novedades que proporcionan estos resultados tan favorables es la conversión analógico-digital de la señal de las células de carga con la que cuentan estos equipos de pesaje. Esta conversión convierte las células utilizadas en células digitales y aumenta la precisión por una serie de factores como son:

  • Inmunidad del sistema de respecto a todo tipo de interferencias
  • Cada célula cuenta con un conversor independiente lo que provoca más sencillez para detectar incidencias en las mismas ya que se pueden monitorizar por separado gracias al uso de la comunicación entre ellas por CAN BUS.
  • No se distribuye la señal del pesaje por todas las células si no que son independientes unas de otras.
Sistemas de pesaje instalado en elevador RSU y en elevador cadenas industrial

Sistemas de pesaje instalado en elevador RSU y en elevador cadenas industrial

Detalle de sistema de pesaje en elevador de contenedores industriales

Detalle de sistema de pesaje en elevador de contenedores industriales

Distromel demuestra que sigue en una situación privilegiada en el mercado nacional y con sucesivas exportaciones a diferentes países. Estos equipos completan un amplio sistema junto a otras partes Hardware y Software que permiten a los clientes conseguir un exhaustivo control en la recogida de residuos.

Distromel will be presenting innovations TECMA 2016

Distromel will be presenting innovations in the new siGEUS software, the most powerful software for controlling, managing and optimising the waste collection, and in the TOUCH PANEL electronics installed into vehicles.

These innovations and the latest implementations of Distromel in the national and international markets demonstrate that it continues being a benchmark in the sector of technologies for urban services. The trade fair will be held from 15 to 17 June at IFEMA (Madrid), which is a compulsory visit within the sector of urban services, one of the sectors where Distromel is.

TECMA, within the Forum of Sustainable Environmental Solutions, FSMS, becomes one of the main platforms to show innovations in the field of equipment and management of cities.

Among the innovative products that will be shown, siGEUS web version stands out with information in real time on the road conditions and viewing of traffic cameras provided by the DGT (Directorate General of Traffic) and information on the weather forecast provided by AEMET (State Meteorology Agency). With these contributions, Distromel intends to provide its customers with tools for daily decision making.

siGEUS map with DGT information

siGEUS map with DGT information

siGEUS is a GIS software which is continuously developing. It started in 2014 and has been specifically developed for controlling and managing urban services (waste collection, road/street cleaning…).

Based on an office environment and with the option to choose between siGEUS desktop or siGEUS web, it allows planning, controlling and obtaining indicators to be analysed for subsequent optimization.

Besides, siGEUS launches the module for industrial and door-to-door collection at TECMA. In this way, we can easily manage the industrial or urban containers with the mobile application “Management of Urban Services” and the hand-held terminal HTL Lite. This allows the operator to select the route, check collections made to a citizen or have information on the number of containers to be delivered to customers.

It is also important to know the new possibilities provided by the Touch Panel on-board computer in vehicles with weighing and identification systems, such as the possibility to guide the operator regarding the filling level of containers.

Cabin electronic with information on the route to be made.

Cabin electronic with information on the route to be made.

It is important to note Distromel capacity to integrate with all type of platforms and devices. An example of this is its identification system (RFID) Full ISO, which is able to identify any tag installed in the containers. Having the full production process provides Distromel with the flexibility to meet modifications in the systems and integrations according to the customer requirements.  R&D laboratories in mechatronics continue developing and moving towards a global, versatile and simple product.

Distromel RFID readers compatible with all types of tags.

RFID tecnologies from Distromel.

Since 2008, Distromel committed itself to the design of identification products for containers in the Environmental Area. This guideline consists in complying with ISO 14803 standard, an European standard specifying the way to identify and determine the amount of waste.

Container with Distromel tag installed

Container with Distromel tag installed

Our engineers in the R&D department developed a number of tags according to our experience and to the before mentioned standard, that allowed for 100% correct reading rates. In this way, our identification systems are at the top of the domestic market ranking, which led us be present in most of the national territory.

Currently, the market consists in tags with HDX technology and tags with FDX technology, each tag has its pros and cons. FDX-B technology was used for developing our tags, which is the most suitable for hard and hostile environments where there are containers to identify. 
Reading range GOOD GOOD
Immune to radio interferences NO YES
Reading time 70ms 31msNote: in field tests, an FDX-B microchip can be read fourfold faster than an HDX-
Need of synchronization in the readers. Do readers interfere with one another? YES YES NO NO
Is there a loss in the reading time? When entering the field of action of a reader, identification is produced. Loading time needed. YES NO
Adapted to include further technology innovations. Chemical or biological captors (parameters affecting diseases). Meets the new standard ISO 14223. Uses cutting-edge technology. NO YES
Possible and proven miniaturization NO YES
Suppliers Only one All
Is functioning affected by metals around (magnet inside the cross-line, wiring, etc.)? A lot Little
Valid technology for the entire environment (global technology) NO YES


Tag reader with bluetooth HTL Lite

Tag reader with bluetooth HTL Lite



Distromel has just launched a line of identification readers through RFID at low frequency called FULL-ISO. These readers allow for tag identification with FDX and HDX technology.
Our products identify, at all times, the container loaded by the vehicle allowing entering additional information in order to indicate the filling status or weigh the container waste. In this way, collection is optimised and the essence of Smart cities achieved.