Data analysis of our waste collection systems.

Data analysis of our waste collection systems.

Data analysis of our waste collection systems.

Data analysis of our weighing, locating and driving and identification systems.

The wide experience in the urban services sector makes Distromel know the specific circumstances of both managing companies and competent public bodies.  This seniority has allowed us to develop systems regarding the existing problems at any time. Technology development has enabled us to be more accurate and reliable day by day and to obtain credible and exportable results to reach truthful conclusions.

Once these robust systems have been designed, we have concluded that our customer should have a new module in the software to carry out and interpret data obtained. This is the reason why we are launching the new module for data analysis for waste management systems.

Modulo de analisis de datos sigeus desktop

Módulo de análisis de datos sigeus web

An optimization point on waste collection and road/street cleaning can be reached thanks to the provision of data provided by electronic devices installed in the vehicles. CAN-Bus data is a clear example. This data standardization concerning driving, which was carried out some years ago and accepted by some vehicle manufacturers, allows companies having control systems to obtain data that in the past made the vehicle be fully sensorized to obtain such data.

This data is easily exportable to reports which are completely configurable by the customers and easily understandable thanks to the creation of diagrams and graphs, which allow comparing data from other months or even previous years. A solution provided by Distromel is the possibility to compare the application data regarding previous months or even years.

Totales mensuales

Consumption data, revolutions, sudden accelerations, idling (in hours and %), hours worked or CO2 emissions are some examples of data obtained. Data interpretation helps to know the improvement possibilities towards optimal, safe and efficient driving. In this way, we can obtain the above image box with regard to distance covered in one month, hours worked, litres consumed and other important information that allows us to check the vehicle production effectively.

This efficiency in driving provides environmental, economic and social benefits. The environmental benefits are: reduction in carbon emissions to the atmosphere and decrease in the consumption of fossil fuels. Reduction in fuel consumption also means cost saving. 

Estadisticas Can Bus


Lastly, controlling waste collection management leads to an increase in the service quality for citizens, because indicators can be identified and data on waste collection analysed.

Distromel customers will see how their Desktop software is updated, resulting in improvements that will allow obtaining data described in this article.

Therefore, we continue innovating so that our customers can have benefits in waste collection and road/street cleaning, two urban services generating high costs for municipal bodies.

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