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Distromel is a company located in San Esteban de Litera (Huesca) that has been offering advanced technological solutions in the field of systems engineering for more than 30 years. In this time the company has developed different systems in 4 production lines: logistics, environment, industrial and agricultural-livestock. Different solutions related to control, measurement and precision systems combining software and hardware.

Our technical department has a multidisciplinary team which is made up of electronic, mechanical and computer engineers who base their work on innovation and research of the latest technologies, which allows us to access the best solutions of the moment to adapt them to the needs of each client.

Distromel designs, manufactures and monitors all elements included in the final solution for each customer, offering support and surveillance by our quality and environmental department. In this way we are more dynamic, versatile and efficient to meet our customers’ requirements. For this, the company has different technical departments such as R+D+i laboratories (electronics, computer and mechanical), mechanical workshop (machining and welding centers), electronic production, computer support, logistics center and technical assistance service. A highly qualified professionals team, who deal with technology challenges posed by our customers.

Listening to and understanding the needs of a client before proposing a solution is something essential and difficult, but the speed of technological advances and the experience of Distromel make it viable. All this to fulfill our objective, the continuous improvement in the processes of our clients.

ISO 14001 2015 ENGLISH

ISO 9001 2015 ENGLISH