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Distromel, constantly innovating

The pillars on which the objectives of Distromel are based are on the disposition of its R&D departments and its more than 20 years of experience in offering a robust and innovative product that allows to adapt to the needs of the client and the market.

Using mechatronic engineering, Distromel has achieved to create control and measurement systems for the logistics, industrial, environmental and agricultural-livestock sectors.

Developing improvement projects for companies has provided to Distromel an ambitious projection of the future in which employees are a fundamental part and a differential fact. Distromel’s vision has always been considered part of society with the principle that improving what we do, it will make better our surroundings.


Environmental sector

Information and communication technology adapted to the urban services of a city.

Industrial sector

Dynamic weighing equipment with the best service and robustness in loaders, backhoes and dumpers.

Logistics sector

Dynamic weighing systems for forklifts and handling equipment tailored to your own needs.

Agriculture-Livestock sector

Unifeed mixer trucks, silos filling sensors and static feed plants to optimize livestock feed.


Smart DTD is the system to implement the PAYT (Pay As You Throw), payment system by waste production, the most innovative tool to increase recycling rates and fairly reward the citizens who collaborate. A set of technologies applied in waste collection that will give us the opportunity for a reliable and accurate measurement of the amount of waste generated by each individual.



A team offers specialized attention and continuous training of the Distromel product. The objective is to satisfy the needs and solve the incidents in the most efficient way possible. In addition, the after-sales service processes our customers’ requests to improve and adapt the product. You can contact through 902 40 90 50 and email

Some customers

  • A-133 Km 4.8, Calle Carretera, 4, 22512 San Esteban de Litera, Huesca [ see map ]
  • 974 430 938

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