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Urban Area.

The core of Distromel activity is environmental management and urban areas. We provide different solutions that have been designed in order to simplify and optimise waste collection and treatment processes.

Smart Solutions

Solutions offered by Distromel can be adapted to all types of customers. We actively listen to our customers and study the best solution for them in order to meet their needs. As our R&D Department is located in our factory, we can implement solutions quickly and efficiently.

Our technology offers:

— Save in controlling and performing works.

— Work optimization.

— Environmentally friendly.

Smart Solutions for Smart Cities

Our platform for the integral system for managing the sustainable urban area was designed to unify all processes of the urban environment that can be managed, controlled and optimised through the information obtained by devices installed in the vehicles.

Our siGEUS platform consists of:– Application of cutting-edge technologies.– Dedicated hardware.– Management software.Hardware.The hardware designed and manufactured by Distromel consists of weighing systems in container elevators, identification based on the European standard ISO 14803, elevation, push-buttons for entering incidences, guiding systems for optimising collection, location and control of fleets, manual terminals for identifying urban elements, volumetric sensors detecting the filling of containers,  autonomous location for sweepers’ trolleys and automatic compacting boxes, etc…Our location systems for controlling fleets through GPS technology are fully scalable allowing further expansion of the system chosen to enter additional data for collection, container identification, Can Bus with optimization system on driving and weighing for payment per generation.siGEUS, Software for Managing  Sustainable Urban Areas

siGEUS was designed to unify all processes of urban areas that need to be managed, controlled and optimised.

Distromel software aims at absorbing the entire management cycle of urban spaces (RSU, street/road cleaning, staff and machinery management, location of fleets, etc.) in a single system that provides:
– Inventory of fixed assets
– Management of incidences
– Definition and optimization of routes
– Analysis of indicators to save costs and be environmentally-friendly

On the basis of our products, we can obtain indicators that will help us saving costs and analysing the services performed.