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The evolution of logistics and the adaptation of Distromel

Weighing systems for logistics designed and developed by Distromel with different electronics and communications.

In the business field, logistics has evolved with history and has maintained the same name for very different functions. Since prehistory, military logistics were based on the supply of resources and materials. At the end of the 20th century with the emergence of globalization, the increase in operations at the international level led to the integration and control of all operations. In addition, logistics has always been a key sector for the Spanish economy but during the last four years it is experiencing an exponential growth in its influence and importance in it. This situation due, among other things, to the digital environment that has resulted in a different ecosystem, with new consumption habits and that requires both sectors to function successfully.

In this evolution Distromel has adapted its weighing systems according to the needs of the companies thanks to the R+D+I departments in computer science, electronics and mechanics that it holds. In addition, this company works in the logistics sector since 1994, evolving its systems to the current ones today. This combination and the design of a customized software for management and control, electronic with different communications such as Bluetooth, Wifi, USB, RS232, printer … and more efficient weighing systems such as those installed on forks has generated a high level of trust between customers translating into innovative projects. And it is that Distromel combines experience and innovation, two fundamental pillars in the sustainability of companies.

Weighing systems developed for the logistics sector

This conjugation has made Distromel today a reference celebrating its 25th anniversary since the first systems designed and developed for the sector. Years in which Distromel has been adapting perfectly to the changes that have occurred.

Currently Distromel has weighing systems with different electronics and communications. Equipment for pallet trucks (electric and manual), trucks, stackers, hydraulic equipment (trucks and stackers) and one of the latest developments, fork weighing. The latter has been developed to carry out weighing without modifying the load limit, or vary the center of gravity, with simple installation and a lower cost than other weighing systems. That is, to adapt to the needs of the moment. One more example of the company’s ambition to contribute to the efficient development of its clients’ projects.

Fork weighing system with Lite electronics