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SmartDTD is a technological tool designed with the objective of implementing generation payment in waste collection, as recommended by the European Union. This system allows, among other functionalities, to identify by RFID technology the Tag of the bucket or bag, and weigh the residue deposited inside.

This system is specially designed to be installed in a container according to the UNE EN 840 standard to cover the control needs that currently exist in the European Union. The main objective of this development is to provide a product that allows the generation payment to be implemented in the collection of waste.

Door-to-door waste collection

One of the waste collection modalities in which the generation payment is to be implemented is door-to-door collection. By means of the RFID UHF identification system of the SmartDTD (hereinafter SDTD) the operator will individually identify each cube or bag collected from the citizen. Next, the operator will deposit the residue inside the SDTD to be weighed using the weighing system that it incorporates. This process is automatic, and in real time it will send the identification and weighing record together with the GPS position.

The reason for its adaptation to a container is due to the fact that this container with a control system will work installed in the lift of the rear loading vehicle. It is not immovable since in some areas where door-to-door collection is implemented, the truck cannot enter. On these occasions, the operator accesses the area with the SDTD, since it has wheels, to carry out the operation as if the SDTD were in the elevator. It should be noted that this system is independent and autonomous from any vehicle and therefore can be removed and attached to another vehicle when desired. It works with a removable battery, making it easy for the operator to charge it.